Dr. Christian Schafferer

Associate Professor

Department of International Trade

Overseas Chinese University

Taichung, Taiwan

E-Mail: chris[at]fule.at

Previous Employment

Department of Political Science, Leopold Franzens University of Innsbruck, Austria.

Visiting Professorships


Institute of Social and Societal Policy, University of Linz, Austria.

Center for Mongol Studies, National University of Mongolia, Mongolia.

Department of Political Science, Meiji University, Japan


Educational Background


Doctoral and postdoctoral studies at Johannes Kepler University of Linz (Austria) and National Taiwan University (Taiwan).

Awarded PhD with distinction in March 2001.



Advisory Board


Asian International Studies Review, Asia-Pacific Social Science Review


Executive Board


Asian Political and International Studies Association (APISA)




Ashgate, Routledge, Party Politics, Critical Asian Studies, Asia-Pacific Social Science Review, International Studies Review

Other Professional Positions

Co-Director, Higher Education in Asia Program, Asian Political and International Studies Association


[March 2016]

Presenter, APISA-FES Conference on New Authoritarianism in Asia, Ehwa Womans University, Seoul.

[October 2015]

New book on democratic governance in Northeast Asia released by Palgrave/Macmillian with two chapters on Taiwan.

Link to publication

[September 2015]

Presenter, 9th Congress of the Asian Political and International Studies Association (APISA), Phnom Penh, Cambodia.>

[February 2015]

Presenter, Preparatory Workshop, 9th Congress of the Asian Political and International Studies Association (APISA), Phnom Penh, Cambodia.>

[September 2014]

Discussant, 8th Congress of the Asian Political and International Studies Association (APISA), Chiang Mai, Thailand.>

[February 2014]

The Rise and Fall of Transitional Justice in Taiwan was published as part of the Middle East-Asia Project (MAP) series on Pathways to Transitional Justice in the Arab World - Reflections on the Asia Pacific Experience (PDF).

[January 2014]

Post-Conflict Development in East Asia published by Ashgate with one of my papers on human security in Taiwan.

[5-6 December 2013]

Organizer and presenter, Rethinking Human Security in the Asian Century, International Conference, Taiwan.

[14 October 2013]

Co-signer, Statement on the current political situation in Taiwan published in the Taipei Times.

[21 September 2013]

Panel Chair, International Conference on Rethinking Human Security in the Asian Century, Mandarin Oriental, Manila. >

[30 April 2013]

Discussant, International Conference on the Comparison of Asian and European Regional Integration, Nanhua University, Taiwan. >

[January 2013]

Encyclopedia of Transitional Justice (Cambridge University Press, 2013) released with two of my chapters on transitional justice in Taiwan and Austria. >

[29/30 November 2012]

Chair, Executive Committee Meeting and Annual General Meeting, Asian Political and International Studies Association, City University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Institute of Education. >

[12 October 2012]

Organizer and paper presenter, International Workshop on International Relations, Economic Development and Human Security in East and Southeast Asia, Overseas Chinese University, Taiwan. >

[18 May 2012]

Presenter at the International Workshop on East Asian Human Security and Post-Conflict Development in Comparative Perspective, Institute for Development and Human Security, Ewha Womans University, Seoul. >


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Smoking-related changes or brand switching?

Public Health, 2016

In this study my colleagues and I examine the impact on smokers' behaviour of a planned increase in the Health and Welfare Surcharge of Tobacco Products in Taiwan. We used a structured questionnaire to perform telephone interviews. Applying multinomial logistic regression we found that after the proposed increase in the Health and Welfare Surcharge of Tobacco Products, subsequent cigarette price increases would motivate nearly 30% of the smokers to adopt smoking-related changes and 10% to change to lower-priced brands.

The study was published in the British journal Public Health.

Link to publication:


Democratic Governance in Northeast Asia

A Human-Centred Approach to Evaluating Democracy

Palgrave/Macmillan, 2015


Comprising case studies of Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, this edited volume explores the key characteristics of democratic governance in Northeast Asia. Each democracy is assessed on the extent to which it enables the flourishing of social capital; prioritizes the interests of all as characterized by freedom from fear and want; and empowers all to participate in the democratic process and governance. With particular focus on the experience of minorities, this volume contends that the acid test of democratic governance is not how well the government represents the interests of the elites, or even the majority, but rather how it cares for the needs of vulnerable groups in society.


I authored two chapters of this edited volume:


Chapter 6: Taiwanese Democracy

Chapter 7: Debating 'Unpopular'

                Issues in Taiwan


Link to publication



Post-Conflict Development in East Asia

East Asia is a region deeply affected by conflict. Colonial, ideological, and national wars have left their scars and legacies on regional, international, and national governance. Yet East Asian post-conflict development experiences have been viewed as remarkably successful. This volume critically assesses measurements of success in East Asian post-conflict development from a human-centered perspective.

I authored Chapter 5 of the volume:

Christian Schafferer

Human Security and Post-Conflict Development in Taiwan (PDF)

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