Stage and Street Photography


One of my interests is photography. I am an old-fashioned photographer and thus prefer film over digitial cameras. I have a large collection of film cameras and actually make use of them. I love to develop black and white films. It is just a different world. Occasionally, I take pictures and produce promotional films using digitial equipment.





APISA - An Introduction (2015)


This short clip is an introduction to the Asian Political and International Studies Association (APISA), Asia's leading academic organization dealing with political and international studies.




North of the City - The Ordinary Life of Aleena M (2015)


The story is about APISA and a young woman who tries to break out of her routine existence and live a more fulfilling and more meaningful life. Reflecting on what her best friends advised her to do, she begins to see life from a different point of view and discovers that it takes courage as well as support of others to overcome the difficulties almost every young scholar is confronted with.




APISA 9  Congress (2015)


This short clip is a teaser for the 9th Congress of the Asian Political and International Studies Association (APISA).